Torchlight Mobile gets a new gameplay video showing off the Kitsune class

We’ve been following the development of the upcoming Torchlight Mobile game for awhile now, and it is an interesting, if not frustrating, game to watch being developed. Since it was announced back in the Summer of 2015, the development hasn’t had a lot of details released about it, except for at specific shows such as GDC or the Tokyo Game Show. Hell we still don’t even have a real release date for it.


Bankai and Chill – Bleach: Brave Souls Review

“Free-To-Play” are arguably the three most dreaded words in mobile gaming, but KLab Games nearly redeems the much loathed business model with their stellar ARPG, Bleach: Brave Souls. While many F2P games leverage lethargic rates of progress known as “pay walls”, KLab took a gamble on shipping a title that has so much content not hidden behind a pay-wall, that Brave Souls is easily comparable to a full priced game on a dedicated gaming platform such as the Playstation Vita or Nintendo 3DS. Brave Souls strikes a perfect balance between accessible content and in-app-purchases that affords players an opportunity to enjoy the full game without being forced to pay money to proceed further.