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Hardware News

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is now available for purchase at Best Buy

Samsung’s virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, is now available for purchase over at Best Buy although right now it is through their website only. However it could end up being on store shelves as well depending on how sales go. It’s interesting to see this suddenly appearing at Best Buy for sale though since the Gear VR is still considered to be in the early stages of development.

Hardware News

OUYA to be sold by retailers this Summer, new controller design appears

A couple of interesting tidbits of news regarding the upcoming Android-powered game console OUYA have come out this morning. It seems like things just keep getting better and better for this little console, first with plenty of content from developers both big and small being made for it, and now some major retail power has been signed on to sell units both online and at physical storefronts.