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Fallout Shelter apparently has a killer bug, and it’s not a radroach

According to a lot of Android gamers out there playing Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s newest and only Android offering has a killer bug, and it isn’t a lovely radroach either. What apparently happens is simple: when a users handset runs out of battery during gameplay, or crashes unexpectedly stemming from running out of memory, there’s a chance that the save file gets deleted.

Game News

Bethesda brings a little Fallout love to mobile with Fallout Shelter, coming to Android soon

Currently available already on iOS, although some people say its a timed exclusive while Bethesda employees say its just not ready yet for Android, the company has released a new Fallout game for mobile games called Fallout Shelter. So it will be coming to Android as well, just not for a little bit. If you’re expecting a full Fallout mobile game, then unfortunately this won’t fulfill that desire. It will, however, scratch that Fallout itch you may get when out and about.