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Zen Studios has begun teasing Bethesda Pinball

Zen Studios, one of two companies that are the foremost developers when it comes to pinball games on any platform and not just mobile, have begun teasing a new game called Bethesda Pinball. As you are probably aware of, Bethesda is the company behind some very big franchises on console, PC, and mobile, such as the Fallout series.

Game News

Fallout Shelter apparently has a killer bug, and it’s not a radroach

According to a lot of Android gamers out there playing Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s newest and only Android offering has a killer bug, and it isn’t a lovely radroach either. What apparently happens is simple: when a users handset runs out of battery during gameplay, or crashes unexpectedly stemming from running out of memory, there’s a chance that the save file gets deleted.