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The Simpsons creator launches the first episode of their new series called Clash-A-Rama!

The Simpsons and Futurama creator has made a new animated series called Clash-A-Rama! which is based around the worlds of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Considering who made this new series, you can expect to have plenty of humor melded through each episode. It’s actually interested that an animated series was made based off of a game, since usually it is the other way around.

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Streamer plays for 123+ hours straight in Clash of Clans to achieve Legend status

People will live stream some pretty crazy challenges on platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mobcrush, and so on. I’ve personally seen all types of records broken for speed runs in a number of games, as well as people passing out mid-stream trying to break a world records for this or that. It’s pretty entertaining to say the least. Well a streamer by the name of BoarGeneral completed a pretty insane challenge, all of which happened to be streamed live.

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Three mobile games had Super Bowl ads this year. Here they are if you missed them.

If you are into interesting statistics then here is one for you. Video games Super Bowl ads generally make an appearance every year and this one was no except. In terms of numbers though, this year was a little different. PC/console games had a total of zero ads during this Super Bowl. Mobile games, however, has a total of three ads and you can probably guess at least one of the games that had an ad since it normally has TV ads as well.

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Supercell security apparently breached by a hacker, company posts the leaked revenues anyways. Third game is also on the way.

Clash of Clans developers Supercell apparently had a hacker breach the company’s security, accessing corporate emails and business accounts, and then leaking this information online. Supercell has then turned around and posted the information anyways, announcing their 2013 revenues as well as up-to-date daily money coming into the company from their two games.

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Supercell sells 51% of itself to Softbank and GungHo Entertainment for $1.5 billion

In more Clash of Clans developer Supercell news, the company has announced today that it has sold 51% of the company to SoftBank and GungHo Entertainment for the ridiculous amount of $1.5 billion making this one of the biggest mobile game studio purchases to date. It isn’t like either company didn’t have the money to spare, especially after GungHo Entertainment’s release of Puzzle and Dragons which makes them a staggering amount of money by itself.