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Watch all the E3 Press events live here or on TwitchTV

While a few major gaming sites have their own live streams set up for the upcoming E3 2013 press conferences, TwitchTV also have their own official live stream of the press conferences coming up. Not only that, the company will also be covering booths and other aspects of E3 2013 live as well. The first press event is that of Microsoft’s Xbox event but there are a total of four major press events today.


E3 2013: More details about Mad Catz’s Android-powered game console Project M.O.J.O.

Last week Mad Catz announced a rather large amount of news regarding their peripherals under the GameSmart brand of technology. Along with that news came the announcement that the company would be getting into the Android-powered game console market with Project M.O.J.O., planning to officially unveil it at E3 2013 which kicks off today with press conferences while the showroom opens up tomorrow.


Mad Catz announces Project M.O.J.O, a micro-console powered by Android and agreement signed with Nvidia for GameSmart compatibility

Mad Catz is starting to really focus on mobile gaming and with good reason too since it is now becoming a major force in the gaming industry. Back during CES 2013 the company unveiled a series of peripherals that would be compatible with most platforms including mobile for mobile gamers. Mad Catz has now announced a partnership with Nvidia revolving around their GameSmart Technology and any product that uses that technology will be compatible with Nvidia Tegra-based devices.