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Ms. Kong from Headup Games Swings into the Play Store and Revives the Endless Runner Genre

There have been a lot, and that is putting it lightly, endless runners, since the success of Temple Run. It has been a long time, since I have played an endless runner that is so close in style to Temple Run, without yawning and thinking, this is more of the same. Headup Games, out of Cologne, Germany, teamed up with Level Bit, has just changed my mind again about the endless runner genre. Though the mechanics are exactly the same as other endless runners, Ms. Kong, their latest game, appears to have refreshed the genre. Welcome to the jungle!

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Available Now: Entwined Challenge: Beautiful to Play, See and Hear

PlayStation Mobile, Inc. has been quite busy lately. We recently heard that Run Sackboy! Run!, will arrive sometime this month for Android and iOS devices. In the meantime, you can check out the latest offering from PlayStation Mobile, Inc. called Entwined Challenge. It is a tunnel-type runner, with a compelling story shared between two characters. It is visually mesmerizing, aurally pleasing, and has controls that are easy to operate.

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Available Now: Thief Lupin 2 – Sneaks into The Play Store

A sequel to the popular game Thief Lupin, which was downloaded over six million times, has quietly crept into the Play Store between late last night and early morning. Bluewind, the creator of Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, has been developing mobile games since 2005. The game is a compilation of multiple genres, in that it includes puzzle elements, platforming and is in some aspects, a type of endless runner. Somehow, Bluewind makes it all work. Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, is ready for you to explore multiple levels and scour the globe, by becoming a master thief.