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Stage TEN announces a new broadcasting platform for eSports coverage

The live game streaming and eSports industries are still pretty new, even with how popular and big they already are. Mobile is just starting to get into the action and is expected to surpass console and PC streaming when it finally comes into full being. With TwitchCon only a few more days away, companies are already starting to announce their new products and one of those new goodies is a company called Stage TEN.

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[Updated] If mobile gaming broke into eSports, what Android game would you like to see played?

Here at DroidGamers we are always looking to do different and unique things with Android gaming. We’ve ran our own competitions already and there have been a few instances in the past where other companies have ran their own as well including Major League Gaming. However, if Android gaming were to actually break into the eSports scene on a more serious level, it would be interesting to see what games people would like to be able to compete in.

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TurtleStrike turn-based combat game now available, $5,000 tournament starting today

One game we have talked about a few times in the recent past was a game called TurtleStrike by eeGon. This particular game is all about taking your team of bad ass turtles, heavily armed ones at that, and destroying anyone else who tries to challenge your turtles with their own team. Well TurtleStrike has now launched on Google Play as of yesterday. Today, however, is the big day and that is because the first TurtleStrike tournament is starting and you’ll have a chance to win a piece of the $5,000 prize pool. And yes, that is real money.