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Hardware News

Terra Sella Corporation are designing gaming chairs with features for all gamers including mobile gamers

Mobile gaming is by its very definition playing games while on the go. However, the entire platform has progressed to the point where you can sit at home playng your favorite mobile games for hours, playing them on your Android TV set-top box/console of choice, streaming on Twitch, and even eSports competitions. So with that evolution it should be no surprise that other aspects of the traditional gaming platforms are also making their way into the world of mobile gaming.

Game News

Electronic Arts launches their own eSports league called the Competitive Gaming Division

eSports has been growing since its inception, and will continue to grow for some time to come as well. In fact the mobile eSports leagues are just starting to really materialize and will most likely grow to be as big as PC/console eSports leagues. Today eSport just got a little bigger with the announcement of EA’s own eSports initiative called their Competitive Gaming Division.

Game News

The Vainglory EU Autumn finals Day 1 has begun. You can watch it all live too.

The North American Autumn finals for the rather popular mobile MOBA title Vainglory took place last weekend, with a prize pool for the season of over $200,000 up for grabs. Taking place at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, California, Liberation X battled through three days of matches, ending up in a showdown on the final day against Nemesis Hydra. Eventually Liberation X would defeat Nemesis Hydra and take home a cool $10,000.

Game News

Hero Entertainment will be launching their eSports focused mobile title Crisis Action in the West soon

Hero Entertainment has announced today that they will soon be releasing their eSports focused mobile game called Crisis Action onto both Android and iOS in the West. Currently the game is already available on both platforms in China and Taiwan where it already has over 120 million users. So there won’t be a problem finding people to play against.

Game News

Game Insight has announced a new competitive defense title called Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena

Game Insight has announced a new game which is essentially a multiplayer strategy game of sorts, all focusing on tournament gameplay, based off of their original Cloud Raiders game. This new game is called Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena and it eliminates the standard single-player gameplay found in the original title, tweaks the gameplay further, and then offers it to mobile gamers as a multiplayer game.