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Google Aquires Jambool

Well Google seems to be on a spending spree as it is being reported that they have just dropped $55million on in-game currency company Jambool. The company Jambool is responsible for their flagship product Social Gold which is an in-game currency for developers of social games to use. This comes after last weeks purchase of Slide and things are starting to look interesting.

Game News

All About Games

Here’s an interesting little app that was just released in the games section of the Android market. All About Games, developed by Entropycs, is a forum/social app that deals with not just Android games but gaming on all platforms. You can also create surveys and polls to get peoples opinion about anything gaming related or ask about cheats to games or tip and tricks.

Game News

Grand Opening!


Well it’s here, March 1st, 2010. After a lot of work this site is now officially open! We will have contests, tutorials, guides, demos, videos and a whole lot more available. There is still a lot of work to be done though…