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Point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate is now available on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore

Released by Zojoi and Reverb Triple XP, desktop classic Shadowgate is now available for Android and Amazon devices. The game was originally designed for Macintosh and Amiga systems nearly thirty years ago, but being point-and-click allows it to easily translate to modern, touch-based handsets. This isn’t a  straight port from the late 80s though, as gameplay had been updated along with achievements, cut scenes, and new puzzles having been added in as well.


Unreal Engine 4 being shown running on Nvidia’s Kepler GPU and Project Logan at SIGGRAPH

More news coming out from Nvidia during SIGGRAPH 2013 but this time instead of it being hardware related with showing off their upcoming Kepler GPU along with Project Logan which, when their forces are combined, create Voltron… I mean Tegra 5. This bit of news is in regards to software being shown off running on the Kepler GPU and it isn’t some little game engine or anything like that.


Hemisphere Games bringing the multiplayer goodness to Osmos HD soon

Over the Summer this year Hemisphere Games released a fairly big update to the iOS version of Osmos that brought plenty of new content to the game, especially since a lot of that content was related to a new game mode for Osmos and that was multiplayer. Now, after months of working on the Android version of the game, Osmos HD, it looks like multiplayer will be arriving in the near future for us Android gamers to enjoy.