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Artifex Mundi brings Bladebound to Android

Artifex Mundi isn’t necessarily known for action games. However, they have delivered a solid and enjoyable action game in Bladebound. If you like playing RPG’s, or hearken back to the days of games like Diablo on PC, then this is an excellent title to check out. The story is intriguing, the artwork is top notch, and the game plays well on either a tablet or your phone. It has taken a while for this one to come out, but it is well worth the wait.


Glu Games Releases Eternity Warriors 4 for Android

Glu Games continues releasing games in the month of September. Recently, they released the sequel to one of their more popular games, Eternity Warriors. Eternity Warriors 4 is now available to download in the Google Play Store, and all of the hack-and-slack action of the previous games has been increased. A little polish on the graphics definitely enhances the game. If you are a fan of action games and enjoyed Darkness Reborn, Eternity Warriors 4 should be added to your library of games.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Foursaken Media Returns to the Vividly Created World of Heroes and Castles: Heroes and Castles 2 Coming to Android Soon

Foursaken Media has released several popular games for Android. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, four brothers with a passion for gaming, have created Phantom Rift, Block Fortress, Block Fortress: Wars, Bug Heroes 2, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth, and one of my personal favorites, which was released last year, Heroes and Castles. Here is some great gaming news for you. Heroes and Castles 2 is coming to Android soon, and it looks even better and more enjoyable than its predecessor.