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Nvidia has eight Shield games on sale for a limited time

Nvidia, maker of a the Shield Android TV unit, Shield tablet, and the Shield Portable, also offer games that take direct advantage of their hardware, either linking to Google Play, or offering them through their own through streaming service called GeForce Now. With the latter, any purchase of premium priced games from there is also accompanied by a Steam code, for offline play. Through the end of this month, there’s a small group of games that NVidia has placed on sale.


The ultra-violent game Hotline Miami may end up coming to Android

The indie developer behind the rather twisted and ultra-violent indie game Hotline Miami has announced that talks have been happening to bring the game to Playstation devices. Jonatan Söderström, the developer behind the game, told PocketGamer that he has been in talks with Sony to bring the game to the PS Vita and, quite possibly, to other mobile devices such as Android ones.