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Weekend Play: Skyward: Another Step in the Right Direction from Ketchapp Games

It is time once again for another Weekend Play Game Review. Weekend Play articles give Droid Gamers an opportunity to highlight some games that may have been overlooked in a busy week of game releases. Some of the games may have been released a couple of weeks ago, but they still merit reviewing, so you can have an opportunity to catch up on some good gaming during your weekend. Today’s game is Skyward. It is another one-touch button game, that is visually impressive, challenging, and worth your valuable time to check out this weekend.


Available Now: Thief Lupin 2 – Sneaks into The Play Store

A sequel to the popular game Thief Lupin, which was downloaded over six million times, has quietly crept into the Play Store between late last night and early morning. Bluewind, the creator of Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, has been developing mobile games since 2005. The game is a compilation of multiple genres, in that it includes puzzle elements, platforming and is in some aspects, a type of endless runner. Somehow, Bluewind makes it all work. Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, is ready for you to explore multiple levels and scour the globe, by becoming a master thief.