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Hero Siege is a hack n’ slash game with roguelike elements and lots of blood

For some reason this holiday season we are getting plenty of game releases that have a ton of blood in them. Not that its a bad thing but it is pretty humorous to think about considering this is Christmas after all. Hero Siege is a new hack n’ slash game with a lot of roguelike elements to it that also has a ton of blood being splattered all over the place when you kill someone.


Run, jump and slide while shooting zombies in eXtermination by Panic Art Studios

A new retro-style action / arcade game called eXtermination has arrived onto Google Play from Panic Art Studios. Filled with plenty of cool pixel art to enjoy, eXtermination will have you running, jumping and sliding through each level while shooting hordes of zombies in the face. This game also has a pretty solid soundtrack to enjoy while you try and exterminate the zombie race.