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[UPDATE: Game Released] DroidGamers Interviews Artak Avakyan of Lightbound Studios about the soon to be released game Star Chasers

I came across a game not long ago that grabbed my attention. The game had interesting looking youthful characters, and bright colors dipped in varying hues. It looked like a runner of sorts, but there was something about it that seemed like it would be fun to play. I reached out to Lightbound Studios and made contact with Artak Avakyan, the founder of Lightbound Studios. I was impressed to find out that this game has been created solely by Mr. Avakyan. After interviewing him, I find Mr. Avakyan to be a brilliant and humble game designer, with big dreams for Lightbound Studios.


Run Postman Run is Sprinting to the Play Store Soon

Bob Games is based in Armenia, Columbia, and they make highly-imaginative games. Their latest project is a runner/platforming game that has a character that everyone has come in contact with at some point or another… their Postman. They have taken an extremely important job, and set it in a game world fraught with action, peril and adventure. Run Postman Run is the next game from Bob Games, and it looks like it will be a fun and colorful adventure starring your postman.