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Studio Baikin releases the stylized logic puzzle game ATOMI

Studio Baikin is an independent game studio based in Lyon, France. What we know about this studio is that they produce good games that have a visual aesthetic that captures you. They are the creators of Dark Guardians, Climax and Slashing Demons. Their latest game Atomi, is a logic-puzzle game that is just as enjoyable as their last puzzle game Climax, though they are a bit different from one another.


[UPDATED: Game Released] Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds Will Mesmerize You – Coming to Android Soon!

From the minds of Possible Game Studios, and the music of IAMYANK, comes a new adventure to Android devices. The Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds, was recently released on iOS. The Android release is soon. This is good news because this game is lush with dazzling visuals and hypnotic sounds. If you enjoyed playing Monument Valley, then The Adventures of Poco Eco, should be the next game on your list to play.


Clockwork: A Steampunk Inspired World Full of Puzzles and Intrigue

Game developer Gamesoft PTY, LTD, which is based in Sydney, and not to be confused with Gameloft, which is based in Paris, France, has a new game coming to PC, consoles, and mobile devices later this year. Working with publisher Appsquare, which is also based in Sydney, Gamesoft is developing a game that is set in a Steampunk-inspired world. Clockwork will challenge your mind and game-playing skills. It has an intriguing story, puzzles, and platforming.


3D Puzzle Game Twisty Planets from Crescent Moon Games is Now Available to Download

Crescent Moon Games has been busy this week, and it is only Tuesday! Just in case you missed it, yesterday, a new Mobile Humble Bundle became available from Crescent Moon Games.  A few of the games are only available through that bundle, like: Exiles: Far Colony, The Deer God, 2-Bit Cowboy and Space Chicks. You should check that bundle out if you haven’t yet. There is a lot of gaming goodness that can be purchased for a small price, while at the same time, supporting charity and the developers. Today we have just been notified that their latest project, Twisty Planets, is available to download in the Play Store. It is a charming 3D puzzle game that will challenge your problem solving abilities.