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Here is a huge list of confirmed games heading to OUYA

As we have seen in the recent past whether it is from all the submissions in OUYA’s CREATE competition or just from news from developers making games, OUYA has a lot of developers interested in the Android-powered console. We now have a really big list of confirmed games heading to OUYA which includes some rather big titles like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III, Adhesive Games’ Hawken and Double Fine’s The Cave and Reds.


Double Fine Productions and Verse Studio working on a few games for OUYA

Currently the D.I.C.E. summit is happening and today some interesting news regarding OUYA has been announced. Actually it is in regards to two new partnerships with studios to create games for the Android-powered console. First, two titles from Double Fine Studios will be bringing two of their games over to OUYA while Words with Friends creator Paul Bettner and his company Verse Studios have two games under development for OUYA as well.