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Hero – Old School RPG

There are a few old school RPG style games available for Android that really embrace the old school style of graphics and gameplay. Hero, developed by Skyoung09, is one of those games which has the old 8-bit graphics and animations. In this game you have to make your way through the tower to save the princess, get treasure and kill monsters.

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Boulders and Diamonds

Retro games have always been popular regardless of what device you play them on and for Android we have seen some really good retro style games released onto the market. Boulders and Diamonds, developed by Arkadiusz Kolacz, is another nice retro game cloned after the 8-bit game Boulder Dash complete with 8-bit graphics and original levels to play.

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Time Chaos Update

Not too long ago we here at Droid Gamers reviewed the game Time Chaos by OrangePixel. Time Chaos is a little retro side-scrolling game where you shoot the enemies and collect power-ups. What started as a small free game has turned into a much larger game with the update that was released today on the Android market.

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Retro Style Game P.O.D

Retro style games always bring back great memories from back in the day when we used to play Atari or, later on, the NES. Arcade games weren’t much different back then either with their simple but great looking graphics and gameplay. P.O.D. by OrangePixel is a great example of a retro style game to enjoy on your Android phone.