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Card Ace: Blackjack Review

Ahhhh Poker, the many forms of it have kept people entertained for years. Finally there is a good version of one of the most well known types out on the market. Blackjack is a simple game with simple rules and yet its somehow hard to get a good version that works and lets you play with other people around the world. Enter Card Ace: Blackjack, a great blackjack game that lets you play with friends wherever they are.

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OpenFeint Comes To Android

The big news so far today is the announcement that OpenFeint will be coming to Android. OpenFeint is a social gaming network that enables developers to share leaderboards and achievements, buddy lists and other various social elements across various platforms such as iOS and now Android. This will also integrate Google Checkout and the release of Game Spotlight app.

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MySpace SDK for Android

This news comes as no surprise to us here at Droid Gamers, especially after we reported on ScoreLoop yesterday which had a feature that allows MySpace integration into Android games to help make them more social. Today MySpace announced officially that they are releasing their SDK for developers to use in their apps/games for Android.