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Hardware News

SteelSeries Free Wireless Controller goes on sale October 2nd

Way back in the beginning of this year during CES 2012 we reported on SteelSeries who were planning on getting into the mobile gaming market with a new game controller called the ION. After we reported on this new portable controller, that can easily fit in your pocket, everything went quiet about when it would start hitting store shelves. Now, we can finally give you an update and the controller’s new name, the SteelSeries Free Wireless Controller.

Game News

[CES2012] SteelSeries to release a mobile gaming-based controller called the Ion, fits in your pocket

SteelSeries is a company that, if you haven’t heard of them before, makes a lot of gaming peripherals, a lot of which are for competitive gaming whether for professionals or just the hardcore gamer. Apparently, through licensing the technology used in the Zeemote, they have developed a wireless controller that you can use on your Android device called the Ion.