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The Yesterday Review: Yesterday is never too late for a good adventure

Yesterday is a new point-and-click, click-to-move or click-and-hold-and-select adventure game (whatever the kids say these days) by Pendulo Studios that has been out for a while but is new to me. It instantly felt like a newer adventure game, a genre that many gamers remember only from the late 80s or 90s. I have really enjoyed watching the mobile market work hand-in-hand with the point-and-click adventure world and hope to see more blockbusters like Yesterday come out. The game might be short-ish, only spanning several hours (or several days if you play at the glacial pace I do) but it packs in almost too many details and intense moments.

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Avengers Initiative Review: Not the Avengers game that you’d hope to play

The Avengers are a pretty potent band of superheroes. Seeing that the comics and movies involving the Avengers have got a pretty huge fanbase, Marvel has moved into creating an episodic mobile game as well. The first in this series of games puts you in the somewhat large shoes of The Hulk. While the thought of having an Avengers based game sounds mouth-watering (it should be epic right?), the final implementation fails on many levels. How so? Read on to find out.

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NBA 2K13 Review – A fully simulated basketball game that ends up disappointing

2K Games are renowned for their sports simulation games, including the NBA 2K series on PCs and consoles. Last week, many Android gamers (including me) were caught off-guard when 2K Games decided to unleash a mobile version of their latest title, NBA 2K13, on Android. Coming from such illustrious developers, is the mobile version of the latest addition to their basketball franchise worth buying?