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[GDC 2015] Sick Bricks combines LEGO-style blocks with mobile gaming for some unique fun

Companion toys are not really new anymore when it comes to mobile gaming. Nintendo has their Amiibo toys, Skylanders have theirs, and even Rovio has toys that you place near your Android device of choice in order to unlock a character in the game for you to use. Spin Masters have taken this idea and expanded on it by making the toys your scan into the game have their own stats, abilities, and so on but allowing them to be customizable by swapping out parts and adding new ones.


Disney officially announces Disney Infinity, a toy-based cross-platform sandbox gaming platform

Disney just finished holding their press event this afternoon where they have officially announced something they have been hinting at for the past few month: Disney Infinity. This is a rather huge project from Disney that is going to be a massive cross-platform sandbox gaming platform that breaks past the barriers of digital platforms and invades toys as well. Think Skylanders but on a much more massive and interactive, ever expanding scale.