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Square Enix’s open beta for Final Fantasy Type-0 Online launches this month in China. Other regions to follow after.

Today seems to have a decent amount of Square Enix news, with this little tidbit of Final Fantasy goodness being the latest. Back in September 2015 we reported on Square Enix who had revealed at that time that they were working on Final Fantasy Type-0 Online which would be coming to mobile devices at some point in the future. Well it looks like that is getting close to becoming a reality.


Square Enix confirms Final Fantasy Agito will be localized, doesn’t confirm Western release though

For whatever particular reason Square Enix today has confirmed that Final Fantasy Agito will be localized but did not confirm that it would be released for Western audiences. Up until now this new Final Fantasy game was assumed to be coming as a worldwide release but today’s news makes it sound like the game was originally intended to not be released in the West.