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ZombieWood Review: Big, stupid, loud and fun

Gameloft’s been enjoying success for quite a long time, but many would say that the success is due to the developer’s ability to copy or clone other successful titles. There is a lot of truth to that statement, but lately the company has really become known for making just damn good quality games. Their titles range from strategy city-builders to shooters to mystery puzzlers, providing enough entertainment for everyone.


Gameloft unleashes Zombiewood for you to kill zombies, lots of zombies

Earlier this month we talked about Gameloft’s upcoming dual-stick shooter called Zombiewood and that it would be coming to Android around Halloween. Well for those of you who enjoy dual-joystick action games, Zombiewood has arrived onto the Google Play store and will feed you hordes of zombies to mow down. There actually happens to be a decent amount of content in Zombiewood, aside from a ridiculous amount of zombies to kill.