Crescent Moon Games releases their Qix inspired game called Dig!

Back in March of this year we talked about a neat little game that Crescent Moon Games was getting ready to publish onto Android called Dig!. This particular game was inspired by another arcade game called Qix and features a lot of the same mechanics but with a bit of a theme change to it.

Dig! plays out a lot like Qix does, but in this game you play as a guy taking care of his lawn. You’ll be carving out chunks of your lawn while trying to avoid the random zombies that happen to be wandering around it. If they cross a line, the zombies will speed up and come after you unless you complete the chunk of lawn you happen to be carving out. There isn’t just zombies though to deal with but plenty of different types of enemies that all do different things.

Dig! Features:

• Quick arcade action.
• Interesting areas to unearth.
• Power ups!
• Hats! (that give perks!)
• Unusual enemies; Nigel the mummy, moles with fezzes and many more!
• Artifacts to collect.
• Museum collections to find.
• Colorful 3D art.
• Great soundtrack.

The other interesting mechanic to this game is he hats that you can collect. These hats will give you different perks so you will want to wear certain hats during certain stages in order to gain a bit of an advantage. You’ll also find other items like power-ups and artifact to help you out.

If you’re up for a more fun style of Qix gaming then you might want to check out Dig!. You can grab a copy of this game off of Google Play for $2.99.

Google Play Link: Dig!

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