Dark Tonic updates Wall Street Titan with a fix for the ad problems

The developers of Attack of the Wall Street Titan have heard everyone’s feedback regarding their new game and have pushed out an update that fixes the one major concern everyone has had with the otherwise rather enjoyable game. Dark Tonic has heard your cries for help regarding the ads appearing right smack in the middle of the gameplay.

This was never an intentional action to happen with full sized ads suddenly appearing during gameplay which would cause some serious problems at times, especially if you were on a really good destructive roll. How the ads were supposed to work, as Creative Director of Dark Tonic Eric Boosman explains, is that they are only supposed to show up in two places – once when you first start up the game, and once at the end of your play session before your score starts counting up. The only other pop-up that should happen, which isn’t an ad at all, is when you start the first level which is meant to explain that once you get 3 stars the all levels, the ads are removed for good.

Somewhere along the line a bug crept up where if a player died and hit the “Reboot & Continue” option too quickly, the full screen ad would load but it would take longer than it should, making it appear during your next play session and not when it was intended to appear which is right before your previous score stats getting totaled up.

The good news is that Dark Tonic has pushed an update out now that has fixed this issue along with a few others. Here’s the changes that have arrived with today’s update:

– Removed ad on the reboot/continue screen, which was causing ads to show up late during gameplay under some circumstances
– Removed banner on scoring screen
– Set device Back button to pause the game
– Fixed 1280×800 resolution display

So there should be no more ads popping up during gameplay or during any other time that there shouldn’t be any ads. The update is now live so feel free to download it at anytime off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Attack of the Wall Street Titan

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