OrangePixel giving out a Summer freebie game called Sketchbook Squad

OrangePixel has basically started a tradition with giving away a full free game every year when Summer starts as a way to say thank you to everyone who has supported them. This year is no different and their Summer freebie is called Sketchbook Squad and this freebie also comes integrated with Google Play Games services.

In Sketchbook Squad you will be using tilt controls to move your little superhero through each stage. The more you tilt or move your device, the faster your little hero will go. Essentially this is a continuous jumping game where you want to keep jumping as high as you can until you die. The higher you go, the higher your score is. There happens to be plenty of hazards that you’ll need to avoid if you want to get really high and not die.

Of course this wouldn’t be a true OrangePixel game without their unique retro-style pixel graphics and cool little characters. So if you’re up for snagging a neat little time killer, Sketchbook Squad can be downloaded off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Sketchbook Squad

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