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T3 Arena July update adds Chemist character and new features

The frenetic world of T3 Arena is set to expand once again with a mighty new update.  Introducing a new character and more, the T3 Arena July update is introducing a number of changes to the arena shooter. 

T3 Arena July update gets ready for season two

As preparation for T3 Arena season two in July, this new update is a medium-sized addition to the beloved mobile game. Instead of huge swathes kids changes, the new patch adds a selection of new features and just one new character. 

For starters, the roster expands once again with Chemist, a new healer for players who like to help out. Armed with her trusty grenade launcher, The Chemist is able to surprise enemies from afar whilst healing friendliest. A fine addition to the team!

As part of her backstory, Chemist is hoping to cure many of the world’s diseases. Despite this, she is quite into launching grenades at other people until they experience life’s worst disease: death. 

Revealed in a new trailer, most of Chemist’s backstory remains secretive. Why is she so invested in this bloody battle? How does she have so many plants? There are so many questions!

Check it out below:

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What new features are in T3 Arena mid-season update? 

Alongside Chemist, a large number of features have been added in the T3 Arena July update. Firstly, numerous balance changes and quality-of-life additions have arrived. 

These quality of life additions include leaderboards, reporting players, voice chat, auto-firing weapons and quick three-minute rounds. That’s right, it’s a huge update! And it’s not even season two! 

Furthermore, a bunch of heroes now have New second ultimate abilities to help give them a fighting edge. There are also more skins available! 

If you’re a fan of T3 Arena, this latest update makes the already fun FPS even funnier! Don’t be afraid to jump in!

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