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Torchlight Infinite and Unhappy Raccoon betas begin on Android

An article about two things? I know, it’s untraditional, but both Torchlight Infinite and Unhappy Raccoon have betas out now on Android. Yes, we could’ve written desperate articles, but why would we? 

Torchlight Infinite beta on Android 

After months of waiting, the Torchlight Infinite beta is now live on Android. An action RPG to beat Diablo, at least until Path of Exile mobile is out, this new mobile game looks like a blast. 

The closed beta test is running now on mobile and PC. On Android, you’ll be able to pick the game up from either TapTap or Google Play and play throughout the beta period. 

In the beta, you’ll have access to three new story missions and a mage named Gemma. Building off the prior betas, this early look does offer a substantial amount of gameplay to loot through. 

This is the final beta for the game. You’ll be able to play until 7pm September 18 PST. That does seem like a lot of time to play. However, that’s not the only beta available right now. 

Download the beta right here!

Unhappy Raccoon beta 

An all-new roguelike game from Big-Cat Studio, you’re tasked with exploring the universe and collecting new heroes to play as. A game designed around a litany of fluffy animal characters, this could be a great new looter to add to your phone. 

Currently, the game’s beta is only available on TapTap, not the Google Play Store. While the game will be available on the Play Store on release, this beta is a TapTap exclusive. 

Thankfully, playing the Unhappy Raccoon beta will let you keep your save progress when the game releases. If you’re an achievement hunter, even your achievements will carry over! 

Furthermore, playing the beta will give you access to an exclusive skin for Kitana. The skin seems a little too risqué for our taste, but perhaps you’ll like it. 

If you want to give the game a go, you can get it right here

What do you think? 

Will you be picking up the Torchlight Infinite and Unhappy Raccon beta? What about just one of them? 

Furthermore, what do you think of these roundup articles? Are they better than singular pieces? Tell us in the comments below! 

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