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Sony Android Playstation phone, the Z1 (Zeus), gets benchmarked in video

Want some more Sony Android Playstation Phone news? How about another video as well? Great because you’re in luck! Engadget is reporting on a video that someone sent to them showing off some in-game graphic rendering and benchmarking. While the initial benchmarking scores aren’t all that impressive, neither the software or hardware is final, keep that in mind.

At an average of 24.4 FPS (Frames-per-second) of rendering speed, you might be thinking: “That actually sucks” and it does. However, the hardware and software are not final which means this benchmarking is very young still and could drastically improve. Considering what this device is planned to do, that 24.4 FPS benchmark is low.

Graphically, whatever they were using as graphics and animations in the benchmark look great. You can be sure though that the benchmarking scores will be improved upon greatly before release. Otherwise who would buy one if your regular phone can render better? Check out the video below.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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