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Sega does a switch around, Sonic CD will come with Xperia Play support after all.

Back in the beginning of November Sega had announced that Sonic CD for Android would not be coming with support for the Xperia Play. It now appears that Sega has changed their minds and when Sonic CD is released onto the Android Market, it will support the Xperia Play controls.

Originally the game was going to come with support for game controllers but not the Xperia Play controls or the device at all. For whatever particular reason though Sega has decided to change their minds and when Sonic CD is released this month onto the Android Market, it will be coming with Xperia Play controls support and will in fact be available for the device.

“We weren’t quite ready to announce the details yet, but we’ve had our development team working hard to make sure we take full advantage of the Xperia Play’s unique capabilities.” – Sega

For those of you who do not follow Sonic and his friends, Sonic CD is being ported from the original Mega CD version from back in the day and is coming to mobile devices sometime this month. Currently the game is available as an early exclusive for anyone who buys a tablet from GameStop though. The rest of us are waiting for it’s release on the Android Market. So two items of good news for Xperia Play owners today already. You can take a look at Sonic CD for mobile in the trailer below.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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