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Rumor: The Nintendo Wii U has the Android OS integrated into it?

Here comes a crazy rumor that is starting to circulate the internet today. Apparently Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U will have the Android OS integrated into it. While this seems rather far-fetched, anything is possible in the gaming industry and crazier things have happened although this is up there in the Top 5 even as a rumor.

Details are pretty scare right now about all of this but apparently sources are suggesting that Nintendo’s Wii U will have the Android OS integrated into it in some fashion. This rumor isn’t suggesting that Nintendo will be doing this in the future but that they have actually already done it.

To further add substance to this whole rumor are apparent Twitter leaks between high level Android software developers and Nintendo although as of the time of this writing we haven’t been able to find those leaks. Still, the whole idea is pretty interesting to say the least. Nintendo hasn’t really backed Android, iOS or mobile gaming in general aside from their own products.

As with all rumors, especially this one, take it with a grain of salt. The Wii U is supposed to be showcased at E3 2012 which we will be attending so if we don’t confirm this before then, we certainly will while there. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks to Richard Dixon for the heads up!

Website Referenced: VG24/7

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