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Is Google+ Games going mobile in the future? It looks like it.

Way back in June of 2011 we mentioned that games would be coming to Google+ thanks to some coding found inside Google+. Indeed, not too long after that, Google started releasing social games onto Google+. Now the same scenario is happening but this time it is with the Google+ mobile application.

Android Police did some digging around in the .APK file for the Google+ mobile app and found some pretty interesting stuff. While we will focus on the gaming part of it, I suggest heading over there to check out everything that they found including Google Events and downloadable themes for it. However, while digging around they also found a hint that Google+ Games could very well be going mobile, something we figured would happen back when Google Games was announced for Google+.

<string name=”home_screen_profile_label”>Profile</string>
<string name=”home_screen_huddle_label”>Messenger</string>
<string name=”home_screen_people_label”>Circles</string>
<string name=”home_screen_photos_label”>Photos</string>
<string name=”home_screen_hangout_label”>Hangout</string>

<string name=”home_screen_games_label”>Games</string>
<string name=”home_screen_events_label”>Events</string>
<string name=”home_screen_local_label”>Local</string>
<string name=”home_stream_label”>Stream</string>

The coding in question isn’t much but it does point to Google Games going mobile with the Google+ application. As you can see above, there is a menu item for Games in the coding of the Google+ application that isn’t yet visible in the actual app. However, as Ron from Android Police points out, there isn’t all the layout coding and other goodies for the Games menu item right now that happens to be there for Google Events and the themes.

Don’t expect Google Games to be arriving for the Google+ mobile application soon though since all the needed coding isn’t in place just yet. The fact the menu item is there though is a good sign that it is coming. This could also fall right in line with our prediction that Google is developing a Game Center type feature as well.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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