Day: 17 September 2012


Spirits Review: A late-night, tucked-in-bed puzzle game

Spirits, a charming physics-based puzzler by Spaces of Play, is a simple game that sucks you in almost immediately but eventually leaves a lot to be desired. Your job is pretty simple: guide the leaf spirits through different levels, dodging pitfalls, blocks and spikes until they finally arrive at a spiraling portal to be whisked away. It’s a pretty easy game and each level is relatively non-challenging. That is until you decide you want to conquer each level and come out with perfect results… that’s when the game becomes really challenging.


Com2Us releases their own continuous running game called Zombie Runaway UP

Sometimes, if you’re good enough at it, you can notice tendencies with devs towards releasing a certain type of games. This last months’ tide has leveled toward Continuous Runners, and we’ve seen the release of big soon-to-be hits like Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Blitz and Glu’s Mutant Roadkill, among others of the genre. Com2uS are giving us their version of the facts with their newest game, Zombie Runaway UP.


The iControlPad 2 jumps on Kickstarter to get funding with a much better design

You may or may not remember the original iControlPad game controller which, originally, was designed for iOS devices before branching out and becoming available to Android devices as well. While the idea was great, there was a bit of an issue in terms of design since it used clasps to help attach itself to whatever phone you are using. Considering the huge range of device sizes Android has, you can see how this could be a problem. Well the iControlPad 2 looks to fix this by being completely bluetooth enabled minus the clasps.