Day: 8 October 2012


Poll: Have you made an in-app purchase for consumable items before?

Some time back, we published an editorial entitled “In-App Purchases: The Downfall of Android Gaming?”. In the three months between the article getting published and now, the number of games being released for free, or even paid, that contains IAPs for consumable items have increased exponentially. To be honest, finding a game devoid of some form or another of consumable IAPs these days is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Sonic Jump from Sega will be coming to mobile devices soon

Sega stated that after Sonic 4 Episode II that there would be no more Sonic 4 games heading to Android or iOS. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more Sonic games at all and to prove it, Sega has begun teasing a new Sonic themed game that is slated for release onto iOS and it is looking promising for Android as well. So what is the new game? Sonic Jump.


Future Mayhem is a futuristic arcade shooter for your Android device

Here’s a new arcade side-scrolling shooter developed by Dancing Cat studios (who are known for their previous games Star Armada and Crusaders) located in a futuristic world and full of fantastical places to visit and lots of enemies to shoot in the face. Future Mayhem features tons of shooting gameplay and a randomly generated world each time you run through the game, ensuring replay value for every campaign you get to play.


Gameloft finally unleashes Wild Blood onto Android in all it’s Unreal glory

Speaking of the devil, we had mentioned in our previous post today regarding Gameloft who were teasing their My Little Pony game that is heading our way soon and that we are still waiting on Wild Blood to arrive and now it has magically appeared on the Google Play store finally. This is Gameloft’s first official Unreal Engine made game and you’ll be playing as Sir Lancelot who has a world of problems to deal with in this game.


Hit side-scrolling platformer League of Evil dashes onto Android

Noodlecake Studios recently published their latest release onto the Google Play store which comes in the form of a 2D side-scrolling platformer called League of Evil. Layered with plenty of retro gaming goodness, League of Evil will have players running, wall jumping, flipping and punching their way through over 160 levels in the hopes of confronting the evil scientist and punching him in the face.