Day: 16 April 2013


Flashout 3D racing game now available in the OUYA Store

Get ready to get used to seeing these sorts of announcement on a regular basis soon as OUYA nears going mainstream with its upcoming retail launch this early Summer. Pre-orders are already shipping out to everyone who pre-order awhile ago through the Android-powered game console’s Kickstarter campaign. Now we get to start announcing games as they become available for your new shiny OUYA console.


Mobage releases Please Stay Calm, a location-based zombie survival MMORPG

Mobage generally releases games onto iOS and Android on a pretty consistent basis. Usually they are pretty decent titles, some are not so good while others are pretty good. Their newest title is called Please Stay Calm and is a location-based zombie survival MMORPG for Android. The story line actually takes place next year, 2014, so all your doomsday people out there, add next year to your calenders for the zombie apocalypse.