Flashout 3D racing game now available in the OUYA Store

Get ready to get used to seeing these sorts of announcement on a regular basis soon as OUYA nears going mainstream with its upcoming retail launch this early Summer. Pre-orders are already shipping out to everyone who pre-order awhile ago through the Android-powered game console’s Kickstarter campaign. Now we get to start announcing games as they become available for your new shiny OUYA console.

Flashout 3D, for those of you unfamiliar with our past coverage of the game, is a WipeOut-style racing game set in the future. You have your floating ship that you race in, upgrades and weaponry to use to help you beat your opponents, and some pretty solid visuals to round everything off.

The OUYA version is just slightly different than the Android version already out, but mostly with cosmetic differences to the menus. There is obviously full game controller support with this version as well and according to the developers, full HD graphics as well.

If you have an OUYA already, you can download the demo off of the OUYA Store for free and if you want the full version of Flashout 3D, you can buy it for the launch promotional price of $2.99 for right now. If you don’t have an OUYA, you can still play this pretty enjoyable racing game on your Android device (our review here) by download the version off of Google Play.

On a side note, we will be opening up a specific section here on the site for Android-powered console news in order to keep things more organized.

Google Play Link: Flashout 3D

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