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Gameloft teases Modern Combat 5 with a new trailer for E3

E3 2013 is just around the corner and mobile gaming will be there in full force as usual like it has been the past couple of years. Gameloft’s newest addition to the Modern Combat franchise, which we knew was already on the way thanks to that leak earlier this year, is Modern Combat 5 and while the official sub-name for the game isn’t released yet, it is rumored to be Modern Combat 5: Last War.

Since E3 2013 is next week Gameloft has decided to tease the masses with the first trailer for Modern Combat 5. The trailer shows off a variety of different environments and a little of the gameplay near the end of the trailer. As you may be guessing, the game looks pretty solid in the trailer and is, of course, still an FPS game. Check out the trailer below and we will be hunting for more details on this game over the next week.

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