Day: April 23, 2015

Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] Mediocre Games is Bringing Another Unique Game to Android April 23rd

Mediocre Games Studio is a game developer that has created very enjoyable, challenging, and beautiful games. The games they produce are anything but Mediocre, which makes the whole premise behind their name unique. If you have played their games such as Granny Smith, Sprinkle, Sprinkle Islands, or their most recent graphically alluring, and enormously fun game Smash Hit, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] Sorcery! 3 will be arriving April 23rd, here’s a new trailer for it to check out

The third installment in the Steve Jackson Sorcery! series from inkle finally has an official release date which is April 23rd, 2015. This means the wait will finally be over in a couple of weeks and you can finally get your hands on the next installment into the franchise which, if you have been following our coverage of Sorcery! 3, had a whole lot of changes.

Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] Noodlecake Games begins teasing Beatdown, a Double Dragon style game arriving next week

Noodlecake has begun teasing their next release which is another title made by Ravenous Games called Beatdown. This particular game is a side-scrolling brawler similar in style to past old school games like Double Dragon. The ironic part about this game is that our ‘hero’ isn’t actually a hero in some regards since his goal is to give his ex-boss a beatdown for firing him.