Day: 17 June 2015


[Update: Released] FireWhip arrives tonight at midnight, lets you destroy things with a flaming whip

FireWhip is an upcoming arcade game with physics-based gameplay layered over it. This game was developed by Dan FitzGerald who may or may not seem familiar. If it does, then you might recognize the name from another one of his games we reported on last year called Dawn of the Plow. FireWhip has been a little side project of his and it is now finally on its way to Google Play tomorrow.


The Talos Principle: The Smartest Game You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you were a gamer back in 2007, you’ll remember what a revelation Portal was when it first came to consoles and PCs. The puzzle platformer stretched minds the world over, while also hiding a cheekily clever story beneath its surface. All these years later, The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzler that shares many qualities with that modern classic, though fame isn’t one of them (yet).


Nod Backspin is the ring-style controller virtual reality gamers will probably want

Nod Labs made headlines recently when the company secured $13.5 million in funding in order to continue developing, manufacturing, and eventually selling their Backspin controller. The reason for the interest in this peripheral is due to it not only being for VR headsets, mainly the Oculus Rift but any will work, but also due to its size, making it very portable, and so it can be used with Android devices.


New horror game House of Grudge will be coming to Android shortly

Fans of horror games have a new one to look forward to called House of Grudge. Developed by Gameday Inc, House of Grudge is a horror adventure game that features the ever popular ‘room escape’ style of gameplay. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it is pretty much just like it sounds. Every time you escape a room, you will be in another room where in order to leave that room, you will need to solve whatever the puzzle happens to be in that particular room.