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Google’s Project Ara Puerto Rico pilot program getting ‘re-routed’, possible change in plans for the modular phone

After a somewhat long period of silence Google’s Project Ara Twitter account sprang to life yesterday with a few tweets updating everyone with what is going on with the project. As it turns out, the news wasn’t the best we could have had, but it wasn’t the worst either.

Project Ara, for those of you not familiar with this, is Google’s development of a modular Android phone. Essentially each major component would be swap-able, pretty much like how a PC is when adding new, or upgrading, different components like RAM, hard drives, etc. The modular phone would work basically the same way, allowing users to swap out, as an example, their phones default RAM for more. So if your phone original came with 1GB of RAM, you could upgrade it to 2GB. It is a simple example but it illustrates the whole idea well.

When Project Ara was originally announced, Google had planned to do a market pilot program in Puerto Rico in the near future. Those plans seem to have changed, but Google hasn’t gone into specific details as of yet. The company simply stated that the program was being ‘re-routed’. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering the recent events regarding Google’s restructuring and the new Alphabet parent company being created.

This isn’t Project Ara ending though, not even close. Google is just ‘re-calculating’ some things, although they wouldn’t mention what those things were. The company did promise more updates next week, so we won’t have to wait long to learn more about the current plans for Project Ara.

Source: Project Ara Twitter | Engadget

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