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DroidGamers Daily Deal: SNES-style Bluetooth Controller for retro fans is now on sale

Today’s DroidGamers Deal is for a rather neat Bluetooth controller called the SNES30. This particular controller is an exact replica of the original SNES controllers from back in the day, right down to the controller’s actual size and everything. For a Bluetooth controller, this has quite a few nifty features as well.

Besides the obviously cool retro factor involved with this controller, it also comes with Wiimote emulation support as well as touchscreen simulation for when the game you’re playing doesn’t have controller support. You can still use this with those games. This controller also comes with USB connection support as well, so if you are not playing on a mobile device at that exact moment in time but your PC instead, you can connect your controller to your PC this way.

SNES30 Bluetooth Controller Features:

– Play all the latest games w/ an old school controller
– Connect via Bluetooth or the included USB cable
– Use w/ your PC, Mac, iPad, Android & more
– Play w/ up to four players on Wii w/ Wiimote emulation support
– Carry it in your back pocket thanks to its slim, portable size
– Game for up to 20 hours without taking a break to recharge the battery
– Play touchscreen-only games w/ touchscreen simulation
– Recharge the battery 1000+ times

While this controller from 8Bitdo is usually priced at $35, for the next few days it will be available for $29.99, so you’ll save around $5. If you’re into peripheral shopping today for yourself, or for a Christmas present, another sale started today for Beat by Dre Solo HD Headset with built-in mic. That particular headset runs at around $180 but is currently on sale for the next few days for $99, which is 44% off.

DroidGamers Deals: SNES30 Bluetooth Controller

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