Day: November 25, 2015


Amazon and Wal-Mart drop the price for the Mattel’s View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack down to below $20

Back in the day if you were a kid then having a View-Master was sort of like having the ‘thing to have’ that every kid wanted. Mattel recently brought the View-Master back into the spotlight by making it into a Virtual Reality headset. While this new version of the View-Master was decently priced already, both Amazon and Wal-Mart have lowered the price of it to under $20.


Hit a baseball around to knock out targets in Baseball Riot, coming soon

Developed by 10tons Ltd, who previously released Clowns in the Face, is releasing a new physics based puzzler for Android called Baseball Riot. Players will assume the role of Gabe Carpaccio, who is a batter that is attempting to use his hitting prowess to bean all sorts of unsavory types that are usually found in the ballpark, only they’re found around town instead. Taking them out is all based upon hitting the baseball to the perfect spot.


[Update: Released] Popular anime BLEACH is getting its own mobile game called Brave Souls

Popular Japanese manga / anime Bleach is getting its own mobile game called BLEACH Brave Souls. This game has already been released in Japan for a bit now (July 2015), netting itself over a ridiculous 700 million downloads already. While a Western release was never announced with the Japanese release, the developers have decided to bring the game to the rest of the world.