Day: February 24, 2016

Hardware News

Mad Catz reveals a refreshed model of their S.U.R.F.r game controller for Samsung’s flagship phones

Back in January Mad Catz announced that they had become part of the Designed for Samsung program. As you are probably guessing, this program is all about designing peripherals and other devices for use with Samsung products, and in the case of Mad Catz, this is mainly game controllers. While at MWC 2016, Mad Catz unveiled a refreshed version of their S.U.R.F.r game controller and mobile keypad designed specifically for Samsung’s new flagship phones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Game News

VOEZ Rayark’s latest rhythm game will start its closed beta tomorrow.

Rayark has been busy today. A few moments ago we received the latest trailer for Implosion: Never Lose Hope. Even earlier than that though, we found out that VOEZ, Rayark’s latest rhythm game will be entering a thirty day closed beta starting tomorrow. You may have been one of the lucky people selected to participate in it. If you are, can we say that we wish we were you? Nevertheless, that is good news because hopefully it means we aren’t too far away from a full release of the game.

Game News

Mediocre Games Studio will release their newest game DIRAC March 10th for Android

Mediocre Game Studio has released some pretty awesome games for Android/iOS. Their latest release is coming to Android and iOS March 10th. In a thirty second trailer that was released today, we get a sneak peek of what is to come. Of course it looks interesting! We are talking about Mediocre Games here, the creators of Granny Smith, Sprinkle, Smash Hit and Does Not Commute. DIRAC is their next hit, and we can’t wait to play it.

Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] Watch 6 minutes of the beginning gameplay for The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series from Telltale Games

Last week we reported on Telltale Games’ upcoming new mini-series called The Walking Dead: Michonne and the fact that it now has an official release date. We also mentioned that Telltale Games was planning to do a special stream, showing off the first 6 minutes of gameplay players can expect to see in the first episode when the game is released.