Day: 14 April 2016


AfterLoop from eXiin is now available to download. Check it out!

Several months ago, I came across a neat looking puzzle game starring a little robot named PR8. It looked to have the right mix of puzzle elements, sleek graphics and an interesting story. I sent a query to the game developer about it, and was elated to hear that it was coming to Android. Unfortunately, I lost track of it with so many games being released for Android so far this year. However, I received an email today saying that AfterLoop from eXiin is now live in the Play Store. I couldn’t be more pleased to see it arrive.


DroidGamers first Minecraft Realms server is now live.

Yesterday the alpha test version of Minecraft Realms for Minecraft: Pocket Edition launched and of course we have to get a server for our readers to come play on, build stuff, and hang out on. There are a couple of limitations to Minecraft Realms, mainly that there’s no modding available just yet and there is a limit of 10 users who can be playing at any given time. You can, however, have up to 200 invited users per server. This is why we are saying our ‘first’ server, as we will probably end up needing more in order to accommodate everyone.


Nvidia Is Offering Seven Games Up to 66% Off For A Limited Time During April Sale

April is here and with it brings another selection of Nvidia Shield games you can pick up at significant discounts during Nvidia’s April game sale. From Thursday, April 14th until Sunday, April 17th you can purchase over a dozen titles on sale, which includes both Android games on Nvidia Shield and games that can be purchased and streamed via Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service, GeForce Now. Here is a look at what’s on sale this month during Nvidia’s four-day game sale.


Square Enix announces that Valkyrie Anatomia will be landing on Android soon

Like we mentioned in our previous article, Square Enix has announced a few games today that are coming to mobile devices in the near future. Another one of those game is Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, which is the prequel to their other game called Valkyrie Profile. Like Project: Rising’s news, there is very little in the way of details right now regarding Valkyrie Anatomia outside of a teaser trailer.


Popular Indie Platformer Super Meat Boy Hits Nvidia Shield

Developed by Team Meat, the award-winning indie platformer Super Meat Boy is now available to download on Nvidia Shield Android TV. Inspired by classic games like Ghost ‘n Goblins and Super Mario Bros., Super Meat Boy is a precision-based puzzle platformer that puts your reflexes and quick thinking to the test. Super Meat Boy’s levels become increasingly challenging the further you progress in the game, too.


[Update: Game Released] Jewel Road is an artistic puzzle game from Crescent Moon. It will arrive this week for Android.

Crescent Moon Games has been quite busy lately with a stream of releases for iOS and Android. Android gamers will be treated to a new match 3 puzzle game this week called Jewel Road. The art work in the game is pixel-based, but it is lavishly rendered. The game is a collaboration between Crescent Moon Games and Loony Rocket Studio, a micro studio based in Vienna, Austria.