5 Android gaming stories you should have read this week

shadow of war

In some cultures, Saturday is a day of rest, while in others it’s a day of five-a-side football. But in the unique micro-culture of Droid Gamers Saturday is a day of helping its readers to catch up with all the most important news of the week.

And this week was a doozy, with major franchises landing alongside long-awaited indie titles and 100% sales. Check it out.

Motorsport Manager is free

Motorsport Manager

Yes, this happens approximately once a month it seems, but still: you can’t knock a free download of a truly excellent sports management sim.

Motorsport Manager 2 is out now of course, so if you want the latest virtual take on managing a racing team then you can lay down £3.99 for that. But if you haven’t already experienced the joys of optimising a pitstop or sacking a driver, download Motorsport Manager immediately.

Terra Battle 2 is out

terra battle 2

The subheading above is probably the only Terra Battle 2-related headline in existence that doesn’t mention the fact that it was made by the guy who invented Final Fantasy.

Its provenance as a brain-sibling of one of the most adored RPGs in the history of life on Earth is what got people interested in Terra Battle in the first place, but it proved to be a great mobile RPG in its own right, so you should be excited about the arrival of its sequel this week.

Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice is also out

Spirit of Justice – last year’s entry in the popular and eccentric Phoenix Wright series – hit Google Play this week at the eyebrow-raising price of £18.99.

That’s still cheaper than it is on the Nintendo eShop, of course, and you get the costume set add-on and the special episode into the bargain, so really it’s a good deal if you like mobile gaming.

And if you don’t, what the hell are you doing here?

Some analyst thinks Animal Crossing will come to mobile in December

An analyst called David Gibson has predicted on record that the long-awaited mobile version of Animal Crossing will arrive by Christmas.

Let’s be clear: this means nothing. Analysts aren’t wizards. David Gibson doesn’t have access to Nintendo’s internal development schedule. He’s just a guy, doing his best in a chaotic world.

Nintendo insisted in June that Animal Crossing will be out in 2017, but it has gone silent on the issue ever since. Make of that what you will.

But still. Animal Crossing mobile! Exciting right!?

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Nemesis system explained

shadow of war

One of the things that made Shadow of Mordor so great, aside from slick combat and a satisfying gameplay arc, was the Nemesis system, which saw you taking down down a military hierarchy of orc commanders.

Well, the forthcoming Shadow of War for mobile has the Nemesis system too, and it has been developed and enhanced since Shadow of Mordor came out in 2014.

For example, you’ll now be able to recruit defeated orcs as allies (or simply behead them if you don’t feel like making a new friend).

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