5 Android stories you should have read this week

Morphite Android

Another week, another bunch of Trump scandals, environmental dangers, and NSFW accusations made against your favourite artist.

But don’t despair, because it’s not all bad. We have that lovely Android platform, which is basically the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s this weeks offerings.

The biggest Android story this week: Morphite finally launched

Morphite finally launched on Android this week, which means Crescent Moon’s Twitter feed will no longer be filled with “Android when?” and other such stupid questions.

Wait, why are you still here? Go and download it on Google Play right now.

Google Play held an epic Black Friday sale

This week was Black Friday – yes, events run for weeks now, didn’t you get the memo? A bunch of awesome premium games were on sale for up to 80% off. We highlighted the best of them.

At the time of press, the sale was still running. Go ahead and check on Google Play to see if you can still grab a bargain or two.

Google Play Black Friday Android

Square Enix announced World of Final Fantasy for Android

So it’s not the full version, but World of Final Fantasy is coming to Android in a cute chibi version. Much like Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.

It’s subtitled Meli Melo, and will apparently launch on Android this year.

World of Final Fantasy Android

An MMORPG based on Summoners War is in development

Little is known about it at this point, but a Summoners War MMORPG is currently in development. It’s not clear when.

It appears like summoning will still play a huge part though, and you might well be able to explore the world like never before. Watch the trailer below to learn more.

Marvel Strike Force is yet another turn based collectathon RPG

Just when we thought we’d collected them all, Marvel asks us to do it all over again. Well, FoxNext to be specific. That’s the developer of Marvel Strike Force.

It’s yet another collect them all RPG featuring turn based battles and your favourite Marvel characters. It looks gorgeous though, so at least it has that going for it. You can pre-register now for the full experience, launching in 2018.

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