Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: Angry Birds Journey, Dragon Quest Tact, Genshin Impact, and More

It’s a curiosity of mobile game releases that games can be both out and not out. That’s the case with three of the games in this week’s list. Angry Birds Journey is available in a handful of territories, but out of reach for most of the world. May’s Mysteries – The Secret of Dragonville is available to all, but only in open beta. Ditto Dragon Quest Tact, Square Enix’s forthcoming tactical RPG.

At least Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is behaving itself. Sort of. Titan Quest is out, but this new version will come with all of the DLCs available on other platforms, meaning there will soon be two Titan Quests. Simples.

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Exos Heroes Will Enter Season 3 on January 28th, Adding New Episodes, Heroes, and More

The next season of Exos Heroes is coming over the horizon, due to arrive on January the 28th. It’s called Blooded Rhapsody, and it consists of new story episodes, new Heroes, and a whole new nation called Saint West. It begins where Season 2 left off, and features a character called King John Donk. That’s our favorite thing about it.

Dragon Quest Tact Gets an Official Release Date of January 27th

You can download Dragon Quest Tact right now in Early Access, but the official, complete version is rolling out on the 27th of the month. In case you missed our previous stories on the subject, Dragon Quest Tact is a colorful tactical RPG featuring a hugely diverse array of monsters from across the Dragon Quest franchise.

‘Technically Overhauled’ Titan Quest: Legendary Edition Will Include All Existing DLCs, Available for Pre-Registration Now

PC port Titan Quest has a long and storied history on mobile, changing hands multiple times before landing in the HandyGames stable. At long last it seems to be getting the attention it deserves, with HandyGames announcing a new Legendary Edition containing optimized graphics and all of the available DLCs. Still no controller support though.

May’s Mysteries – The Secret of Dragonville Does a Passable Professor Layton Impression, and it’s Out Now in Open Beta

Professor Layton has curiously few imitators, given how popular it is and how seemingly straightforward it would be to recreate its puzzlebook structure. May’s Mysteries – The Secret of Dragonville as about as direct as imitations get, with the same hand-drawn look and compendium of logic puzzles and gentle brainteasers. That, of course, makes it one to watch.

Angry Birds Journey Has Entered Soft Launch in Select Territories (Including the US and Canada)

After a series of franchise-bending experments, the Angry Birds series is back on familiar ground with Angry Birds Journey. Rovio describes its latest Angry Birds outing as “uber-approachable”, with the same slingshot-based gameplay we all enjoyed so much back in the day. You can get it now in the US, Canada, and a handful of European countries.


PUBG Mobile

Royale Pass 17 has arrived in PUBG Mobile, adding a number of new features. The most prominent of these is Runic Powers, which you can deploy in a special version of the Erangel map. There are three different runic energies – flame, wind, and arctic – resulting in three different powers in battle. There’s another Metro Royale crossover chapter too.

Genshin Impact

Here’s a relatively quiet update for Genshin Impact following the recent game-changing Dragonspine content update. This one adds a new story quest for Ganyu, entitled Sinae Unicornis Chapter. You’ll need to be at Adventure Rank 40 or above to play it. Plus, you’ll need to have completed the Archon Quest chapter 1: Act III – A New Star Approaches. If that’s you, have at it.

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