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Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: Halfbrick, ZeptoLab, Brawlhalla, and More

We’ve come to the end of another exciting week in the world of mobile gaming gossip and headlines.

As well as the usual spread of announcements and events, this update contains a couple of intriguing, suspense-filled morsels concerning Halfbrick’s plans and the prospects of Felix the Reaper coming to Android. Those morsels will hopefully become three-course meals in future updates.

For the latest new Android games and sales, check out the Saturday companion to this article.


Halfbrick Partners with Krome Studios to Revive Fish Out Of Water, Age of Zombies, and More

Intriguing one, this. Australian studio Halfbrick – purveyor of classics like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride – has partnered up with fellow Aussies Krome to bring its defunct titles back to life. It’s not clear at the moment which platforms they’re being revived for, but we’ve reached out for more details.

Cut the Rope Developer’s Next Game is Robotics!, Coming This August

It’s always worth sitting up when ZeptoLab announces a new game, and its next one looks like a slam dunk. Robotics! is shaping up to be a more advanced take on the hugely popular Crash Turbo Stars, in that it sees you building robots and having them fight to the death.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is Coming to Android Next Month with Added Content

Following the successful launch of Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition (on sale this week, incidentally), there’s another Danganronpa on the way. Goodby Despair has the same premise and setting as its predecessor, but deals with a different characters.

Felix The Reaper Developer Kong Orange is Hoping to Release an Android Version

Another frustratingly vague story. Felix The Reaper, the intriguing puzzler about a dancing, lovelorn grim reaper, came to iOS this week. While developer Kong Orange hasn’t officially announced an Android port, a representative suggested that the studio at the very least aspires to make it happen. We’ve reached out for comment.

The Next Instalment in the Popular SoulWorker RPG Franchise Is a Mobile Game

SoulWorker, the popular anime RPG series, is going mobile-first with SoulWorker: Anime Legends. The latest addition to the hit series will see you doing, well, more of the same – i.e. getting into turn-based battles and collecting characters. It should be out later this month,

Ubisoft’s Free-to-Play Brawler Brawlhalla is Coming to Mobile on August 6th

Brawlhalla finally has a release date: August the 6th. For the uninitiated, Brawlhalla is a brawler in which you have to try and shove opponents off a platform. It comes with a huge variety of fun, arcadey modes, and features characters from a diverse array of franchises, from Adventure Time to WWE. It’s basically a free Smash Bros.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Will Breach the Google Play Store on August 27th

Like Brawlhalla, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad takes characters from a range of franchises and plonks them together in a single game. In this case that game is an action-RPG, and it it sees Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), El Sueño (Ghost Recon Wildlands), and at least 68 other Ubisoft killers kicking ass together.

Latest NieR Reincarnation Trailer Teases Combat, First Closed Beta Starting This Month

NieR Reincarnation is drawing ever NieRer. Sorry, typo: nearer. The latest trailer continues the drip-feed of atmospheric stuff as well as showcasing a bit of (fairly generic-looking) combat. The closed beta begins this month, while the final launch is due this year.


Sky: Children of the Light

thatgamecompany’s popular social adventure game has just entered the Season of Sanctuary. What this entails is that there’s now a chain of islands for players to visit filled with beauty spots, new expressions, garments, ancestor spirits, and a lot more. A season pass costs $9.99.

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